About Us

We are, Regional Alliance of Students and Professionals (R.A.S.P)Β  and ourΒ  motto is “My Profession At The Service Of My Community.” We are a group of professionals that strive to empower students and professionals with strategies to create, change and improve lives in their respective communities.

The annual BG Fiestival was created by theΒ  Non-Profit Organization, R.A.S.P. This Event was created with the purpose of developing and strengthening our community.

The event is funded, executed, and organized by members of our organization, we hope toΒ  encourage, change and help our community here in Bowling Green.

Our Approach

We create activities for the Youth to incite them to be active. We Promote education and provide help or counseling for those who need it. We provide low cost or free Services from our Various Professionals. And we Strive to create a community that is united in all aspects.

Meet the BG RASP Chapter Team Leaders

Reina Castillo – Director of Public Relations

Nathan Ortiz- Director of Academic Development

Anita Parra- Fundraising Coordinator/Development Director

Rachel Ortiz- Director of Academic Activities

Joseluis Rodriguez- Treasurer

Annaly Rodriguez- Historian

Annie Rodriguez- Secretary