She’s beauty She’s Grace, Miss Cinco De Mayo

Information about the competition

Miss Cinco de Mayo 2019 will be crowned at 7pm Sunday! Don’t miss out!

Anyone Can join this competition. Its a great oportunity to be part of the community, to show case your talents!

Below are the rules and regulations for any further questions please email us! Last date to enter is April 14th.

Practice starts on April 15th.

Rules and regulations

    1. Age requirement 8 up to 20
    1. Must have 2 outfits for Talent and Crowning 
    1. Must learn the simple opening choreography for the queen of festival 
    1. Must be responsible for decorating their own vote box
    1. Must collect your own votes in order to win the competition (1$ per vote)
  1. Must be able to answer questions
    • What state are you rep?
    • typical food from that state
    • What’s your state know for?
    • Why do you think you should win
  • You will be given a state from Mexico and you will learn about there culture and traditions in order to represent it. 

for further information please do not hesitate to email us!